Bug in RichWidgets Tabs in Version

Bug in RichWidgets Tabs in Version

Tabs do not get rendered as they are supposed to if you have a button on the WebScreen.

My UI requires that I have a Button on the Webscreen and below it  a TabControl with 3 tabs 

I have a container with style Tabs_Wrapper 
in this container I have a  WebBlock RichWidgets\Tabs_ClientSide
and three tabs with style Tabs_TabBody.

This works fine,but if I add a Button outside the Tabs_Wrapper container the Tabs do not get rendered correctly.

Attachment contains the replicated scenario.

Update: If I add a Button or Text above the Tabs_Wrapper Container the Tabs don't get rendered correctly.
Whereas adding Buttons or Text below the Tabs_Wrapper Container renders the Tabs correctly.
Hi Charles!

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Thanks for the heads-up. As far as I can tell, this seems indeed an error with the Tabs_ClientSide scripting.
Support, can you please follow-up on this?


Hi Charles,

It looks like the tabs component javascript is not behaving correctly with the auto margin top css class. This should be corrected in a future version. In the mean time just go to the Tabs_Wrapper container and delete the Margin Top property (instead of leaving it to Auto):

Tiago Simões

Thanks Tiago :)

Hi Thiago,
When this is going to be published on the new releases of the platform?