Edit Excel file from "Imported Resources"

Edit Excel file from "Imported Resources"


I recently updated Service Studio to v7.0 and now I am facing problems related with creat/update excel files.

In the previous version of Service Studio I got this issue solved by using the "OfficeTemplate" Reference, which apparently, is no longer supported by the version 7 of Service Studio.

I would like to be able to append data into an existing excel file imported into the Resources folder, as well as creat new sheets and append data to a specific sheet into this same file.

Does anyone knows of an updated version of this Reference or any other way to solve this problem?
Hi Divaldo,

I never used the Advanced Excel component that is available on forge but I think it could solve your problems.
It allows you to open an excel file to edit and allows you to handle its sheets and data.

The limitation is that it only works with excel 2007/2010 files.