.NET 4

When will Out Systems support .NET 4?  Latest version if 4.5, which puts us behind by two major versions.
Hi Shawn,
Support for .Net 4 / 4.5 is on our roadmap, even though we don't have a public release date yet.
We'll keep the community posted as soon as there are any more specific news.

So what the solution to use outsystems with .NET 4.0 ? Any workaround ? any compatibility option out there ?


Currently if you require .Net 4.0 to integrate with existing code you already have, there are 2 workarounds:
  • If you have access to the source and there aren't any external dependencies, you can recompile the code with target framework 3.5. (most .net 4 freatures like dynamics/parallels are just syntatic sugar and can be easily rewritten). For example the Rally component was an easy downgrade from 4.0.
  • Alternatively you can create another application directly in IIS (on a separate application pool) exposing a webservice. Then consume the webservice in OutSystems and use it to interact with that.
João Rosado
Great ideas :) Thanks a lot Joao !!
Happy to let you know that OutSystems Platform 9 is now running over .Net 4.5 and allows integrating .Net 4.5 assemblies or your own code.