Linking Data in Excel Sheet to Outsystems

   I need to create a front end portal to display data(Static and Dynamic) from excel sheets.At the same time need to input data in to the excel sheet.How can I go about using Outsystem and its application?Please Guide.

Hello Edward,

I am also interested in this matter. Today I am developing and Access (company option) to substitute the Excel and integrating with a legacy system with firebird database... so if I could start integrating with actual Excel sheets and later on substitute the Excel for OutSystems.. would be a heaven!

Wait future comments!
I agree Evert ,access has many restictions (being not automative).Anyone who could help in this regard?

Is the aim to import data from excel sheets?
If that is the case, please see the answers I received for such a similar question:

In the Academy section there is also a video that shows what steps you have to make in order to import excel sheets and maintain relatioinships:

Cheers and good luck