tweeking stylesheet

tweeking stylesheet

Hi everyone .i have an app developed on OS 5.1 version but i would like to do a visual upgrade .would it be possible to import the style sheet or and theme used in version 8.0 because we are not yet ready to upgrade the platform server to 8.0 v yet.any suggestions would be appreciated.thanks
Hey Tmlewin Eruchie,

I think you can copy the styles of version 8 and apply in your version.
The difficulties that you can be expected to have is, if the styles you've created are linked to the new structure of columns in version 8.

I Hope it helped,
Good luck

I think it will be hard to copy the styles to an older version.

You will, at least, have issues because of the missing grid, objects not being inline by default and the missing styles of the sidebar (there is no sidebar on the new layouts).

João Rosado