Error Message upgrading version 7 web app to version 8

Error Message upgrading version 7 web app to version 8

Hi All,

Attempting to upgrade an app. Running version 8 on Mac Book Pro (bootcamp) Anything I need to do to the web app to get the upgrade to happen?

Hi Julius,

Can you give some more details about your problem:
  1. What is the error message?
  2. At what part of the upgrade do you get the error? (installing the platform or when republishing applications?)
  3. What windows version do you have?

Edit: Oh just noticed this was on the Forge forum section. You having problems upgrading the platform or just one component? If it's a component wich one is is, because this thread is not associated with a Forge component at the moment.

João Rosado
I have successfully downloaded version 8 to my MacBook Pro. Im running Windows 7 in Bootcamp. When I try to open my custom app (Independent Module) in version 8 it asks if I want to upgrade from version 7 to 8. When I click the button to upgrade, I get this error:

System.OutOfMemoryException: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.
   at ServiceStudio.ViewImplementation.Framework.ProgressDialog.RunWorkerThread(PresenterContext presenterContext, Action optionalPreOperationThatCanBeSafelyAborted, Action`1 operation, Action customPreOperationAborter)
   at ServiceStudio.ViewImplementation.WPFViewImplementationProvider.<>c__DisplayClass48.<DoVerySlowOperation>b__46()
   at ServiceStudio.ViewImplementation.WPFViewImplementationProvider.DoSlowOperation[ReturnType](IAggregatorView aggregatorView, Func`1 operation)
   at ServiceStudio.ViewImplementation.WPFViewImplementationProvider.<>c__DisplayClass48.<DoVerySlowOperation>b__45()
   at ServiceStudio.WPFExtensions.WpfExtensions.ExecuteInUIThread[ReturnType](Application app, Func`1 action)
   at ServiceStudio.ViewImplementation.WPFViewImplementationProvider.ExecuteInUIThread[ReturnType](Func`1 action)
   at ServiceStudio.ViewImplementation.WPFViewImplementationProvider.DoVerySlowOperation(IAggregatorView aggregatorView, String title, Action`1 optionalPreOperationThatCanBeSafelyAborted, Action`1 operation, Action customPreOperationAborter)
   at ServiceStudio.Presenter.RuntimeImplementation.#sN4.#5yn()
   at ServiceStudio.Presenter.AggregatorPresenter.DisableCommandProcessingIn(Action action)
   at ServiceStudio.Presenter.RuntimeImplementation.DoVerySlowOperation(IAggregatorPresenter aggregator, String title, Action`1 optionalPreOperationThatCanBeSafelyAborted, Action`1 operation, Action customPreOperationAborter)
   at ServiceStudio.Presenter.AggregatorPresenter.#Mpn.#Kpn()

Let me know if I need to configure my computer differently or change my app somehow to prepare it for upgrade to version 8,

That error means that Service Studio is hitting a memory limit in your machine during the upgrade.
I checked your submit feedback information and the problem is related with the 57Mb's of Sitemap xml's in the resources.

I'm not sure why It's requiring so much memory on the upgrade, will have to throubleshoot it later.
For your upgrade you can just remove the sitemaps in 7.0, upgrade the eSpace and add them again. I tested and it upgraded fine like that (didn't try to add the sitemaps after though)

Personally I don't liike big resources inside the eSpaces as they will slow down all your publish process. If possible you should try to see if there are any alteranatives.
Couple alternative that come to mind:
  •     Place them manually in your IIS root folder, so they become available at http://yourside/Sitemap.xml
  •     Use gzip to compresss (check my note below about compresion). This will compress the 57Mb into around 9Mb. ..just a workaround, but a little better.

Also sitemaps protocol documentation doesn't allow files bigger than 10MB (even though google allows a bit more) and you have at least one with 32MB. They also recommend you to compress the sitemaps in gzip format (.gz).

João Rosado
Thanks for the advice. Ill get this done today.