Hello. How can i configure service studio to publish using local-host?
Hi Pedro,

If you want to develop locally then try installing the Community Edition which you can get from here:


After installation you'll have a working Outsystems platform locally which you can connect to on localhost.

 What if i want to develop locally using the version service studio There is a  Community Edition for the version that i can download and use? In this case i will have to install the platform server and sql server?
HI Pedro,

Unfortunatley I don't know if there's a community edition for v5 of the platform as I've only been using the platform since v7.

Someone else on the forums might be able to help out?

Thanks Richard
Hi Pedro,

We don't distribute the Community Edition of old OutSystems Platform versions; only the latest version.

You'll have to install Platform Server (latest 5.1 revision) in your machine. Find it in the Agile Network's Downloads area, in the folder Agile Platform/ Discontinued Versions/ Agile Platform 5.1/ Old Versions.
Afterwards, you can request a Community Edition license in the Request Community Edition License page.

Let me know if you need additional help.
Thanks Arlindo.

Can i work with Community Edition (version 8) and service studio plus the  Platform Server in the same computer? It will be a problem to install 2 different version of platform server in the same computer?
Hi Pedro,

You can't. You can have several versions of Service Studio installed. But only one Platform Server.

Use Virtual Machines, if you really need both versions.
Ok. Thanks Arlindo.