When Outsystems will be compatible with .NET 4.0 version?

Hi, anyone of Outsystems, can help me with this. All my extensions today are developed in .NET 3.5 because Outsystems have this limitation but for reports I use a product called Telerik Reporting and new version is not compatible with 3.5 version of .NET, the new version support only .NET 4.0/4.5 and after, so I can't upgrade my components of Telerik because this limitation. There is already some date to exit compatibility Outsystems with. NET 4.0/4.5? Can anyone help me with this?
Hi Alexandre, guys,
Now is the day. OutSystems Platform 9 comes with .Net 4.5 support, allowing you to import any .net 4.5 assembly or writing your own .net 4.5 C# code.
I saw this... this is very very important to me because my report tool is in 4.5 version.