Webblock submit & foreign keys

Hi all,
I had one big form displaying a join of, let's say "Forums" and "Posts", on which only a text attribute and a dropdown on each post could be edited and submitted (one submit for the whole form). This worked fine, but I did not find the look very appealing. So I created a webblock, displaying a list of Posts in a table, put the Forums in an outer table, and for each one, I added the webblock for its posts.
First question: must I always put the submit button in the webblock or is there a way to have the whole page submitted at once? Second: now that I submit a single webblock, only the editable values are availably in the action, all non-displayed foreign keys (both to the parent to some other entity) are zeroed. How do I go about saving these values?

Help much appreciated.
Hi Theodoor,

You can check here some existing answers for your first question.

Now for the second question, I'm not sure how you did the implementation of you webBlock. If you are using an edit record that loads information from a query (with all the necessary join), you should keep all the necessary FKs.

Paulo Garrudo

Hello Paulo,
thanks for the link. Read it, but it seems kind of complicated for the simple thing I want to do. Probably I'm not understanding something totally basic here.
I'm attaching an oml with three very fine-grained classes of objects, just as in my real use case. Now what I need to create is a page, where I can answer all questions in a certain category, or, better yet, two or three categories of questions on one page. And I still don't know what would be the way:
  • I cannot create edit-records inside of table-records (or list-records)
  • I cannot create list-records inside of an edit-record
  • I did create web-blocks: for one question; for a list of questions; giving the list from a custom structure as a parameter; querying inside the web-block for a single or a list of questions. Every time, nothing, or at most the single editable attribute gets posted on submit (of the web-block, actually one would want to submit the whole page at once)
Would you be so kind to send me your simplest way of implementing such an editable table? If this would take too much of your time, well, that's an answer, too.
Thank you for your time!

Hi Theodoor,

You are able to add inputs into your TableRecord/ListRecord, with this approach you area able to collect information that is dynamic (several rows).

Add inputs to your table record

Screen Action to process the information

Paulo Garrudo