How do I install on a drive other than C?

How do I install on a drive other than C?

My C drive is full.
Hi Brett, welcome to OutSystems Community.

What do you want to install? Platform or Developer Tools (Service Studio and Integration Studio)?

I'm guessing that you want to install Developer Tools... a server with a C drive full shouldn't qualify for server so...

When you're installing the tools the installer askes you where you want to install it. Never tried it, but my feeling is that you can just type the path to wherever, in whatever drive...

I'm installing community edition.  I haven't seen where it allows me to select where to install.
So... you're not installing the Developer Tools as I suspected...

Well... I can't really say that you are able to install it on other drive than C, but I can definitly say that the experience of loading a machine with no C drive space with any type of software is not good... at the bare minimun, your experience will be terrible bad. 

Aren't you able to make some space free? Even if you can install it on other drive, you should definitly do it... my 2cents...
Hi Brett,

I just saw your post now. Have you solved your problem? If not, which version of windows are you using? Because what I usualy do is to create a junction from c:\program files\outsystems to d:\programs\outsystems

We avoid de capacity to select the installation path because most of our community developers don't need to change it. Sorry for the inconvenience, but can you live with a junction?