How do I show more than four columns in a table?

How do I show more than four columns in a table?

Sorry guys, I'm new, so you're going to see lots of elementary questions.  I do search the forum before I post them :-)

How do I show more than four columns in a table?
Hi Brett,

I would suggest this is a great place to spend sometime.

Good Luck!
Hi Bret,

If you drag an entity attribute from the espace tree on the right to the tablerecords widget on the screen, a new column should be created. You can also use the top formatting toolbar insert column button.

Was this what you were looking for?

Tiago Simões

PS: and Mark is right, the videos on the academy are a great place to start. But of course if you have more questions feel free to post them here, as they'll be useful for other newbies that come to search for answers.
That's what I was looking for!  Obrigado!  

I have been going through the academy tutorials and they are great!  I wish every software company proivded such an offering :-)
Hi Brett!

Did you just get the 4 columns when you dragged an entity onto a web flow, to get the screen to list the entities in a table auto-generated? If so, I believe the default behaviour in version 8 of OutSystems Platform is to only auto-generate the first 4 columns for you, on the basis that you often don't want all the columns and the key ones probably come first. The idea is you then add the extra ones you need just by dragging the appropriate entity attributes across into the table - it will format them appropriately for you, even amending the query for you to join to related tables (for lookup list lables etc) to display sensible content.

Hope you continue to enjoy using the Platform!
Loving it so far :-)