New user login

I'm using the community edition.  I've created a new user but when I try and login I get an "Invalid Login" message.
Hi Brett,

Can you explain your scenario a little bit better?

I'm assumig you have created a new user on http://<yourserver>/Users, is that correct?

Where are you trying to log in? The eSpace you are trying to access should have the "User Provider" property set to the Users eSpace.


I have created a new user on http://localhost/ServiceCenter/eSpace_Edit.aspx

I can log into aforementioned page using my new user.

When I try and log in to my application page is when I get the error.

Does the community edition only allow you to execute applications as "admin".
Hi Brett,
Your question is not clear, so I'll give you an overview of the OutSystems Platfrom and see if I can answer your question.

When you are working with the OutSystems platform, you need to authenticate in order to develop, manage or deploy applications. This is the developer name and password you use in Service Studio, Integration Studio, Service Center and LifeTime.
You can create and manage developers in Service Center (http://<server>/servicecenter), or LifeTime if you have an Enterprise Edition (http://<server>/lifetime).

On the other hand, when you develop an application with the OutSystems Platform, you can implement functionality that is only available to a subset of the end-users. For this you need to create users and manage their roles, and this is done using the Users application (http://<server>/users).

Check out this Academy video to see how restrict access to functionality, and manage users and groups.
If you are new to the OutSystems Platform, I would recommend that you watched all the videos on the Academy, because they might provide some insights on how the platform works.