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Hello community.
I'm trying  to develop a application that allows me to upload a image and them display the same image on a screen. How can i do it?
Hi Pedro,

You're probably best starting by watching the free videos in the Academy here:


The short abridged answer (which may be confusing) is:
  • Add an upload widget and a submit button onto your page
  • Create an action which is triggered by the submit button
  • Within the action store the image into an Entity, you'll need to use a binary attribute for image data and a text attribute for filename/mimetype.
  • On the page you want to display the image add to your preperation to load the appropriate image from database
  • Use an image widget and bind it to the binary data returned from the database
That's the very abridged version on how to do what you asked. I'd start with the videos linked above so you get a hang of the platform first.

Someone else may have a link to a more robust tutorial that they can post here!


Hello Richard.
I already saw all the videos.
It is done.
Can you tell me what the video is ?
Best Regards
Yes; can you say which one?
I think it was an old video, I don't see anything like it in these new ones.