Windows 8.1


I am running Windows 8.1 Pro with Internet Explorer 11 and see the "Internet Explorer installation is incomplete" when trying to create/edit a web screen.

Is there anyway to a) change the default browser to Chrome or to support IE11? 

Many thanks,

Hi Brett,

I don't believe Outsystems support Windows 8 at the moment let alone 8.1 so it may not be possible.

I'm sure someone will be able to give you a formal answer soon.

Sorry I couldn't provide any good news!

Hi Brett,
Internet Explorer 11 was released along with Windows 8.1 Preview and there's still no official release date annnounced by Microsoft.
The OutSystems Platform doesn't support it yet, although we count on having full certification complete by the time it is publicly released.
Regarding the problem you're experiencing, we've identified it and the fix will be released with the next revision patches of all supported OutSystems Platform versions.


when can we expect windows 8.1 to be supported along with IE11?
I've just installed the trail 8.x and I get error after error :(
Hi Louis,

We're still planning the release date for support to IE11. Early next month, as soon as we have a date, I will let everyone know.
Hi everyone,

We are now finalizing the certification of the Platform for Internet Explorer 11. You should expect the certification to be released by mid March.
Just in time for Windows 8.1 Spring Update (or whatever silly name MS will give it) to break it again :P
Not this time, Carlos. :)
You can install the Spring Update with confidence.

We've changed Service Studio's internal architecture. The layout engine used to render the webscreens in the Service Studio canvas no longer relies on Internet Explorer's Trident. Service Studio is now faster, makes you think you are working directly in the browser (perfect preview), and depends less on the underlying OS.

More details coming soon... ;)

However, don't forget that Windows 8 is not yet officially supported...
Arlindo -

That is FANTASTIC news about taking out the dependency on Trident. It should also eliminate those annoying "A JavaScript error has occurred..." bugs in Service Studio... and if I read into what you are saying, make it "less impossible" to see an OS X or Linux version of Service Studio.

That's right, Justin.

Although the ability to preview modern CSS3/ HTML5 right from within Service Studio was the main driver for this change (gradients, round corners, shadows, etc.), this is an important first step to make Service Studio run everywhere: OS X, tablet, browser, ... you name it.

That WikiPedia article is seriously outdated...
IE 8?
IE 8 *is* awfully bad, but it's also almost 5 years old.
Also, do you mean standards compliance or WebKit compliance, because those *are* different things.
And I'd say the most annoying thing about having Service Studio use Trident isn't the lack of standard compliance, it's that it breaks with every IE update. This wasn't a problem when Microsoft didn't care to update it, but if they're really serious about the 1 year update cycle, it would be a serious problem.
Hi Carlos,

What arlindo meant was that the new versions of Service Studio (8.0.1+) will be shipping with the rendering engine, and not depending on any external dependecies, meaning we can control the updates ourselves.
Currently it will be based on crominum.

(Also don't ask for backports of this for older versions, as it won't happen)

João Rosado