I need a popup richwidget to be of fullscreen. The currently available properties with the popup support dynamic resize or they have Width/Height properties which are supposed to be of integer datatype.

Any idea how am I supposed to make the popup full screen?

Hi Nikhil,

Why do you need to make the popup fullscreen?

The purpose of a popup, in my opinion, is to allow a quick change to something where it's obvious that after the change they will be taken by to the page they were on. By making a popup full screen is it not equivilent to just redirecting them to a new page?

In which case I'd personally just redirect them to a new page, if you'd like it to appear to be a popup then style it appropriately and when they 'close' the popup it just takes them back to the origional page.

Hi Richard,

Even I understand your point and it does make sense. But, it is a client requirement and my client is insisting for this option.

I think I can convince my client with an option to maximize the popup as required, instead of giving the popup in a fullscreen format.

Any clues?

Nikhil Shravage.

HI Nikhil,

If you were to just implement a page redirect styled as a popup would this not meet the customers requirements?

The only alternative I can think is to statically set the width and height but this presumes you know the screen resolution to be used by the client and that this will not change.

Perhaps implement the page redirect and demonstrate it to the client and see if you can get buy in?

Apart from that I'm afraid I'm out of ideas!

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your quick concern.

If you were to just implement a page redirect styled as a popup would this not meet the customers requirements?

Well this does not works for the client. I am searching for any other alternative. I will post if I get to know any.

Nikhil Shravage.

Old thread, but yes it's possible.  You just need to override RichWidgets_Popup_Editor_resize function by throwing some JS into the page that contains the Popup_Editor webblocks.  Some example code would be like:

var RichWidgets_Popup_Editor_resize = (function(divToPopup, setWidth, setHeight, recenter, event) {
    var original = RichWidgets_Popup_Editor_resize;
    return function(divToPopup, setWidth, setHeight, recenter, event) {
result = original(divToPopup, $(window).width()-20, $(window).height()-20, true, event);


return result;