[Google Calendar Integration] How to get application client ID ?

[Google Calendar Integration] How to get application client ID ?

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Published on 2014-09-03 by Isaac Blaise
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Published on 2014-09-03 by Isaac Blaise
It states: "Requires a web application client ID associated to the server. The client ID can be created on the "API Access" tab of the Google APIs Console. The given client ID and the client secret are then used in the corresponding site properties."

How to do this ?
Any screen shots will help
Hello Joop!
Did you check the sample webpage? There is some information how to create all the IDs you need.

1.Start with this URL: https://code.google.com/apis/console/
2. Go to "API Access"

3. Click "Create another client ID" (in my case I see this button, but probably, since you don't have any client ID, it should be something like "Create client ID".
4. After that you will have access to Client ID, Client secret, Redirect URIs, etc. Write this data in site properties in your new project.

Let me know if you need help.


Google changed it's dashboard and the above screen prints are not available anymore.
Also there's no redirect URI anymore if you create an app.
I managed to get a client id etc, but now the first action in GetLoginResults - ParseToken dies ""Object reference not set to an instance of an object." .... any idea ?
Found it, you still can switch to the "old" console and then you see the return URI.
If you set that one to the GetLoginResult.aspx page it all turns out right ...
Nice to see this work
Hi Joop.
Glad you found a solution. Thanks for your feedback and let me know if you need help.