Mobile Apps - How To ... well, anything

Mobile Apps - How To ... well, anything

A couple questions over mobile applications.  I'm currently building one (mostly done) and I'm stumped on:

1.  How can I test the app?  Can I test it in my desktop's browser, or do I need to only test it on my mobile device (ie iPhone 4)?  Currently, when I click the blue Open In Browser button, I get the "Resource cannot be found" error.  In the Service Center, it's set to "Front End" under Factory->eSpaces->Operation->Zone.

2.  If I need to use my iDevice, how can I expose the application if it's on my development server so that my iDevice can get to it?

If anyone has a guide on this (I haven't been able to find one), I'd appreciate it.
1. Yes, testing in your desktop browser is fine. If you're getting that error, make sure that you have a default entry.

2. Access it the same way you'd access it through a desktop browser, in terms of address/URL. I recommend you make a bookmark to it to save yourself typing headaches. :)

All the "big blue button" does is launch your browser pointing to the server you published to, to the eSpace, it doesn't do anything special. I can't remember the last time I used it, really.