model view controller implementation

model view controller implementation

Considering the drag commonly associated with viewstate in webforms, i would like to know if there is any possibility of mvc implementation in outsystems road map and also options for developers to implement their own custom business rules engine.
Hello Eruchie

I have to say that I'm not quite following you on the linkage between MVC and viewstate... and... what do you mean about building your own business rules?
Hello pedro. My issue with web forms when developing complex apps with very very dynamic and complex interface ,is that the viewstate generated by the page often slowers rendering time thus consuming a huge memory print per page. In the firm i work most out facing(public) applications are sanctioned to be done with mvc pattern . Secondly while developing applications in .net environment we sometimes build business rules by constructing rules from small building blocks of business logic (small rule sets) that operate on information (facts) contained in .NET objects, database tables, and XML documents. This design pattern facilitates code reuse, design simplicity, and modularity of business logic. In addition, the rule engine does not impose on the architecture or design of business applications. The summary of my point is there any remote possibilty that outsystems AP generated code will be based on mvc design pattern in the near future.Thanks
Hi Tmlewin,

It's true that a mvc architecture has some advantages, but the viewstate is not as big problem in OutSystems applications as it is on traditional Asp.NET applications. So viewstate would not be a deciding factor here.
This is because our viewstate is optimized and compressed, while in normal applications there are no view state optimizations and by default is not compressed.

That said, there are some tips and patterns on the forum on how to help the optimizer to reduce the viewstate:

Currently there are no plans to change the model to MVC in the near future, but that doesn't mean the rest of issues you mentioned aren't in the roadmap. MVC is just a possible solution ;)

João Rosado