How to set Structures as Input Parameter to Processes

How to set Structures as Input Parameter to Processes

Hi Team,
We have a stateless webservice which accepts input in the structures format which is not stored in the DB. How could I pass the structures data to the Processes (BPMN) Layer ? looks it is not feasible let me know if you have any alternate approach.

Hi Vasanth,

In your application, a process may be either automatically launched when an entity is created, or explicitly launched in an action flow of your actions. If you use this second option, is possible to add several inputs parameters into your process definition, and assign them during the process start call.


Paulo Garrudo
Hi Vasanth,
As you mention there's no builtin way to pass structures as parameters to processes / activities.
The usual pattern to implement this is to create an entity in the database that stores this data (throughout the process life) and use the Id of that entity as the parameter to the process.

A good way to do this is to
1. store only the elements from the structure you'll need in the entity
2. create some function to serialize/deserialize the structure to xml (using the Xml Extension for instance) or binary and store that in an entity attribute. Use that serialization function to save the structure in the DB if you make some changes to it's values and the deserialization function when you get it on any of the activities.

In both cases it is a good practice to hold in the entity the attributes that you'll commonly access in the process (so that you can use them easily in the UI, query it for finding processes that are "handling" a particular object/entity/stateless webservice request, or even use as conditions to trigger Conditional Starts).

Hope this helps