Trouble with the Installation


I am attempting to install the software and I am encountering some issues.  I'm working with a Windows 8 desktop computer and when I try to install, it tells me that the installation failed and that 1 or more components were not successfully installed.  These are the Platform Server and System Components.  Any suggestions?

Thank you!
Hi Vincent, 

Welcome to our Community!!! And thank you for sharing your experience.

We currently do not support the automatic installation of the Community Edition in Windows 8. 
In this following thread you can see how to manually install the pre-requirements for the Community Edition.

Sorry for the inconvenience, if you have questions while following the procedure please let us know.

Hi Jose,

Thank you,  that worked!  I am new at this and I do appreciate all the help!  Have a great day! 
Great to hear about that!! ^_^

If you have doubts/problems keep posting in the Community. A great way to become an expert at something is by helping others, so help our Community members to become experts by making them help you =)