Redirect to the mobile URL.

Redirect to the mobile URL.


I am building up a mobile application with OutSystems. I already have the same application in a desktop format.
I am testing the mobile application on my iPad,

Now, with the device I need to type the URL of the mobile application to access it. With .NET when you type a URL on your device, it detects the device and if the device is a mobile device then the URL redirects to the mobile website.

Is there any such functionality with OutSystems?


In the Richwidgets there's an action called IsMobileBrowser, you can use it in the preparation a make the correct redirect.

Hope that helps!

Hi Nuno!

Thanks for your concern. This option is good, but it returns a Bool value. Can you pass a sample OML for this functionality?

Nikhil Shravage.
Hi Nikhil,

At the moment I can't create a sample OML. I will try to explain a little better how you can make it, and if the doubts persist, i can make the OML in the weekend.

You should have one EntryPoint to a page that the only porpose is to test the Browser used and make the redirect. In that page let's call it Redirect.aspx in the preparation you put the action that i mentioned. If the result of the action is true you put the initial page of the mobile as destination, else you put the desktop page version.

Do you have all the pages (mobile and desktop) in a single OML or they are separated?
If in the same OML you can use directly the pages, if they are separated i advise you to use the ExternalLink to make the redirect for the Mobile Entry Point or to the Desktop Entry.

Hi Nuno,

The method seems preety much clear foe this moment. I need to try and check it. I will get back to you if I find some issues.

Thanks a lot!

Nikhil Shravage.