Advance Query SELECT Into New Entity

Hello Gurus

I have 3 Excels Files Uploaded into 3 Different Entities, using the Excel to RecordList

I also have an Advance Query Which Joins The 3 Tables Together

In the Advance Query, With Output Structure Table4

SELECT {Table1}.[num], {Table2}.[Color2], {Table3}.[Color3], 
FROM {Table1} 
JOIN {Table2} ON {Table1}.[num] = {Table2}.[num]
JOIN {Table3} ON {Table1}.[num] = {Table3}.[num]

Table4 has follow columns, Id(Auto Generated), Num, Color2, Color3

But its giving me an warning

"Unexpected Advanced Query
There is a mismatch between the number of columns SELECT'ed and the output structure in Table4"

My Table4 has 4, Id (auto increment), my select statement selects 3 columns and my table4 has the same column as well

But when I run it, it gives "There was an error processing your request. Please try again later..."

So what seems to be the problem?


Hi David,

In this example your Table4  has 4 columns:
"Table4 has follow columns, Id(Auto Generated), Num, Color2, Color3"

...and you are selecting 3 columns:

SELECT {Table1}.[num], {Table2}.[Color2], {Table3}.[Color3], (<- you also have an extra coma here)
You can also check the "Runtime Error" details in ServiceCenter on the monitoring tab.

Let me know if it helped.

Hi again David,

If you want to keep the Id autonumber for the insert,
you can do something like this:

SELECT NULL, {Table1}.[num], {Table2}.[Color2], {Table3}.[Color3] 

Hope it helps,