Using LifeTime API to grant permissions to users

Using LifeTime API to grant permissions to users

I was checking out the LifeTime API, and although there are APIs for checking user's permissions (e.g. Security_CheckApplicationPermission), it seems there are no grant APIs, for assigning permissions to users.

So, the way to achieve this would be manipulating LifeTime's data model. Any other option? Anyone got this working?
Hi Paulo,

It this first version, all the APIs available in LifeTime SDK are read-only. This means that you can inspect almost every detail of LifeTime's datamodel, but you cannot make any change.
I advise everyone NOT to change the database directly because it can lead to inconsistencies between the Environments and LifeTime's metamodel.

The good thing is that we are open to extend those APIs to support another use cases in the future.
This kind of feedback is always very welcome!

We can talk about possible workarounds to this but I need to get a little more context about your problem.

Thank you!