Test in Advance Query Timeout

My Query looks something like

SELECT SUM({Table1}.[Qty1]), SUM({Table2}.[Qty2]), SUM({Table3}.[Qty3]), SUM({Table4}.[Qty4])
FROM {Table}
JOIN  {Table1} ON {Table}.[num] = {Table1}.[num]
JOIN  {Table2} ON {Table}.[num] = {Table2}.[num]
JOIN  {Table3} ON {Table}.[num] = {Table3}.[num]
JOIN  {Table4} ON {Table}.[num] = {Table4}.[num]
Group By {Table}.[num], {Table}.[description]

I press "Test" to test my advance query but ended with with the error:

Database return the following error: Error in advanced query Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.

Anyone know how to increase the timeout???

Issued Solved

I set the timeout in property into like 9999999

and then 

SELETE Statment wrong should have been, SELECT Table.Num, Table.Desc, SUM(Table1.Qty1) etc...