Multi tenant

In the Multitenant Application, where do we define the Default Tenant?
When a user doesn't have a tenant (he belongs to the Default Tenant) what does it means?
Does the user see everything about all the tenants? Or don't see anything?
Hi Zaida,

There is always one Default Tenant. It is created automatically when the user provider is deployed the first time and it has the same name as the User Provider Espace. If your user provider is the "Users", then the default tenant will be called "Users".

Technically users always have 1 (and only 1) Tenant, even if it is the Default Tenant. It's a tenant, just like any other. The only difference is that anonymous sessions will be always start in the Default, until you do a Login or a TenantSwitch operation.

Like I said, its a tenant like any other. So, user in the Default Tenant will only see information from the Default Tenant.

João Rosado

Hi João.

Thanks for your answer.

Zaida Pires