Entity and Structure Question

In the advance query I can do {Table}.[column]

I was wondering if I can do the same for Structure? it doesn't seem to let me do it like {Structure}.[stColumn]

Also if its possible to convert Structure to Entity

In response to your second question...

It is possible to "convert" a structure to an entity if you follow a few simple steps:

Assume you have an entity called "Widget" with Id (integer) and Description (text) attributes.

- Right click the Widget structure you want to convert and copy.
- Right click the Entities folder and paste. You will get a "Widget2" entity. Rename the entity as required.
- Select the Id attribute and set its "Is Mandatory" property to yes.
- Double click the entity and in the advanced editor popup, create a unique index with Id as the only  attribute.
- Also in the same editor set the "Identifier Attribute" value to "Id"

Hope this helps

Hi Izak

Thank you for your tip, but I was hoping I can get a solution converting the structure automatically written in codes instead of manually 


In order to turn a structure into an entity all you really have to do is copy the structure, right click the entities folder and paste.

You'll get a new entity with the same definition as your structure.
Which I now realize is exactly what Izak described.

David Chen: exactly what do you want to do?
Hi David,

Not sure if I understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

The notation {table}.[column]  available in the advanced query widget, is there to help you link the meta-information of your entities with the actual database tables. I'm not sure why you would need to do the same with structures.

Izak and Ricardo have already described how can you easily convert a structure into an entity. If you are interested in refactoring you can also right-click your structure and use the "Find and Replace" feature to replace all usages in your code with your new entity. It's all pretty much done automatically for you.

Best regards