Ingres Support


I am doing a program for my thesis on Outsystems and I need to retrieve data from a old Ingres Database, is there some "connector" in outsystems that does the job?
This in case Outsystems doesnt support by default a connector already for the task...

Would appreciate very much any help about this topic

Hi Marco,

As OutSystems doesn't support the Ingres database out of the box, I would suggest that you utilize c# or Java and integration studio to perform this. If you already have code that accesses the database, then integration studio and place a wrapper on your code to retrieve data from your Ingres database. You then can reference your extension in service studio to view the data in your web app.

Warm regards,
Hello Isaac,

I dont have any code to access the database. As for coding I would prefer C# as I never worked with Java but it seems that the best way would be using the "Ingres JDBC Driver" although there is an "Ingres Tools API" that uses C#/Java.
And there is also an "Ingres ODBC Driver" as well (Java).

I only need to access the database, send some queries and nothing more. What would be the best/easiest approach for someone that is starting in Outsystems/Java and has little time to deep in this areas?

I have also knowledge in Python if it some how helps...

Hi Marco,

I searched on Google to find a few tutorials on Ingres for C#, although this ( appears to be the most promising.

I recommend that you write a proof of concept in C# that does the connection and query, then you can reference your code and write the wrapper for your queries within Integration Studio. (there are some tutorials in the forums on how to use Integration Studio, if you aren't already familiar with it)

I hope that helps!
Hi guys,

Curiously, I've recently had to build such a component for a customer which had similar requirements. In that case, I used the Ingres JDBC driver and coded the extension in Java. I would just need to spend some time "cleaning it up", prior to publishing it in the Forge. I think I'll be able to do that soon, so I'll keep you posted! :)


Paulo Cunha, that would be awesome. I would be grateful if you could PM then or put here an reply.
Isaac I will investigate more what you suggested.

Thanks everyone.