Support for batch insert operation - synchronously


Consider the use case where specific business actions need to be audited for a transaction. For sake of simplicitly, let us assume we want to audit:
1. the start and end time of the transaction
2. the start and end fime of the specific business actions performed during the transaction

We would like to batch up all the audits and insert them at the end. 

Now, I understand that AsynchronousLogging feature may be a potential solution but the catch is that I do not want my batch operations to be asynchronous. I want my main transaction to be successful only if the audit logging is also successful.

I visualize a need of a central service which would have specific actions for in-flight calls and for the final commit. An option is obviously to go down the extension route. Before doing so, I would like to check if any such feature is available in Outsystems out of the box.


Note- this is for JavaEE version
Hi Sathya,

Can you elaborate on why they need to be batched at the end?
In a basic approach I would just write the audits in the database during in between the actions (using the same transaction). Or the problem is scalability and you need them to be bulk inserted because of that?

João Rosado