Force new session everytime new IE opens

Hi all,

I was wondering whether it is possible to enforce a new session everytime a user opens a new tab for an Outsystems webapp.

The idea is to disencourage the use of multiple windows for the same webapp, so that everytime a user opens a new one, that one becomes the active, and the previous expires.

Today they can have multiple windows open, which is not the desired for my purposes.

Nuno Silva
Nuno -

I suppose you could check on each page (like in your header Web Block) with a piece of JavaScript if the window history is blank, and if so, that means "new window" and you can clear the ASP.NET Session cookie.

But really... I think this is has a very bad "code smell" to it. What's the concern with multiple windows? There may be a different solution which would be less heavy handed than doing this.