Web Reference request and response logging


As part of the action, need to invoke the external web service. For debugging purpose need to log the request sent to the webservice and log the response from the web service. I have already set the flag of the "LogRequests" to "Yes". However could not find the log of request and responses under the "Monitoring"-->"web References". could find the details of "URL of web services" and action.

Any kind of help is appreciated.

When you have the LogRequests flag turned on you get a line in the web references log for every call made to the webservice, with the time it took and signaling if any error ocurred.
Something like this:

If you are looking into debuging a behavior, you probably would be better off using the debugger.
It allows you to go over the logic and inspect what argument are being passed to the webservice and what values are returned.
More on debugging here

If you want to add logging facilities,you can easily create a wrapper to the webservice calls and use the Audit action to generate the required logs.

If you are lookign for something more specific please share more details so we can try and help you.

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Thanks David.

My earlier understanding of "log Requests" flag is,  if  set to true then the soap reqeust and soap response will be logged. Now it is clear that it will log the details of the web service call with details. Is there any build in function for capturing the soap request/response without using the Audit action. I am already implemented the Audit approach however wanted to explroe the built-in features.

Md Ghouse G

There's no built-in feature for soap message level logging.
Did you manage to actually log the soap xml with an audit? Would love to know how.

Usually our recommendation for troubleshooting webservices/webeferences is to use external tools to log the http requests.

João Rosado
Hi folks,

I'm trying to help a customer debug soap web service calls on their platform server. I've installed Fiddler2 on the application server. Any idea of how to set it up to listen to external calls to the server?

Nevermind. Worked like a charm using this help: http://docs.telerik.com/fiddler/configure-fiddler/tasks/usefiddlerasreverseproxy