Student project

Hi guys,
I have two small problems, if you can help me that would be great.
I have a table students and I need to allow students thet he  can upload his resume, and that file can be downloaded.
2) (This is a bit tricky)
2.1)I have two applications, one is called UNIDO and in side are information about  students . I want the student  can logs and manage their information like upload resume and add work experience.
2.2) I have app users thet come with outsystem and there I can add users who can log into the app UNIDU. but I can not connect them.
 I want to add user, and that he can login to the application UNIDU and he can change his information in aplication UNIDU.

If I was unclear, feel free to ask me question to try explain a little bit better.
My curent version is

I want to do this when the user logs that he can changed and enter  information about him how to do that?????
Please help me
Hi Goran,

Have you already done the online training
I think that by the end of the 5th chapter you'll be looking into your application in a different way!

Meantime, if this doesn't help, let me know.


Hi Ruben
for your reply
I have reviewed all the training several times.
I did't  solve the problem. In my
main project "UNIUD" I have entety STUDENTS that contains information about student. If i add users in UserManager (who is a student) and i give him role student I  cant bind the user with STUDENT entety  thet he can chagne informatios obut him self.

I will give u example

In the exercises video trening with the customers how can one customer  log in and change their data  for example addres or phone number or any other information that is not in the entity"users"  than the entity customers.
Thet only he can chagne his information in entity costumers.
Hi Goran,

When creating a Student you have to create underneath a entry in the system entity Users. By having the entry there is how the student will be able to login.

Are you creating an entry on users?


Hi thx for reply,
I managed to solve the problem a little bit mixed. When I create user to add a username and password, then create a student with all it's data and added that I had to put username the same as when I created the user. then user.username = student.username and so would connect users with student.
Maybe the is not best solution but it is a solution to my problem.