GetRequestContent does not get the raw content.

Anyone else experience this issue?

Try running the eSpace below, and perform a HTTP POST to the webscreen with some sample content data (in the body) of the request via or CURL whichever you prefer.

You will now notice "GetRequestContent" will not get the request "body" content. It should but it does not.

Now try the same solution in .NET, everything works! just fine.

Outsystems Platform: (JAVA) - Test Failed.
Outsystems Platform: (JAVA) - Test Failed.

Outsystems Platform 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, and 8.x (.NET) - Test Passed. 

Hello Robert,

We were able to confirm the scenario you discovered in the support case you have opened.

We have provided you with a quickfix for this situation and will look into correcting it on the OutSystems Platform.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva