Hello, I hope someone can shed some light on this problem. The scenario is this:
I had a espace that used enterprise to login (before users espace). Now I want to convert to Users provider. Now the application logs using Users Application users, but for some reason the roles, from the user that I use to login, disappear. I dunno why this happen and I can’t check Users espace to check what is happening to the roles. Anyone can help me with this situation?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Marcelo,

Did you read the migration document from EM to Users? It's included in the last version of the EM solution at http://www.outsystems.com/forge/64/enterprise-manager/

The "Migrating from Enterprise Manager to the new Security Model - Technical Note.pdf" document explains what you need to do to migrate the permission model from EM to the Users model, since it's completly different. And needs to be a manual step after changing the user provider.

By the way what do you mean by "can’t check Users espace"? You should at least an administration user to login there.

João Rosado
Because is a System eSpace i can't open the code and check what is sending the delete role to the database.

?Yes i have read that file but my option was cut all the links with Enterprise, and implements a login equal to any new application I create now with users. The problem is that the new web screens I create work just fine, but the old ones for some reason trigger the role deletion. Nothing in my code interacts with role table. That’s why I though it could be from users espace.

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The only code in Users that deletes roles is operation on the User_Show screen. Nothing automatic deletes roles.

Maybe you still have some Enterprise Manager references that are triggering a user's sincronization?
Make sure there are no actions being called from Enterprise Manager at all.

João Rosado