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Hi ireplicated the extension for OS version 5.1 without any error but when i compile the code it  gives me the error in screenshot below.


You can't run the code directly on visual studio. It says on your screenshot "Build Succeeded".
So you should publish the extension in Integration stuido now, instead of trying to run it from there.
@ joao

Thanks for your reply .Infact i have tried publishing it in in integration studio after a successful build in visual studio but it gives me a compilation error.That was why i wasb trying to compile it in visual studio first.The problem is further complicated by the fact that after an unsuccessful publish in integration studio ,i am now getting build errors in visual studio "Missing ssheader parameter and ssusername".Meanwhile i made sure every reference and class was successfully imported in the project.Atached is a copy of the xif file.I am using OS version 5.1.Thanks
Hi Tmlewin,

I've downloaded your xif file, and the only problem I've found was that the parameter names on your actions mismatch the variable names you are using inside the code. You should correct this and try to publish it again.

You have several method signatures similar to this one:
public void MssHTTPDelete(string ssURL, RLHTTPHeaderRecordList ssHeaders, string ssUserName, string ssPassword, out string ssStatus, out string ssResponse, out RLHTTPHeaderRecordList ssResponse_Headers)

and in the method's body you are using:
processResponse(processRequest("DELETE", ssURL, ssHeaders, new NetworkCredential(ssUsername, ssPassword), new byte[0]), out ssStatus, out ssResponse, ssResponse_Headers);
Notice that the ssUsername does not match the ssUserName.
The same problem is happening with ssHeaders and ssHeader in other methods.

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In attachment you can find a version of the extension which compiles.

I had to fix two things:

1) the csproj ToolsVersion was 2.0, I had to change it to 3.5
2) Some of the variables you were using were in the wrong case, so I changed it to the correct variable names.
Thanks for all your help.i have seen my mistake ,a little bit careless on my path.Thanks once again.

the extension you gave me published,but,in case i want to recreate it myself,i have corrected my mistakes and it builds,but when i want to publish in integration studio ,it still gives me compiler error.when i switch back to visual studio and try to run the application,it tells me "output type of class library cannot be started".does changing your csproject have anything to do with the inability of the extension code to compile in visual builds but doesnt compile.See the snapshot at the beginning of this post to see the issue.Please i am trying to sort this issue so that i can continue developing my extensions without any hindrance.Thanks for your time.
Tmlewin, yes, it's most likely related.

You need to edit the extension's csproj file with a text editor and change the ToolsVersion attribute to "3.5" instead of "2.0". 

Try it out and let us know if it solved your issue.

Twlewin check my post in this topic:

It has screenshots and instructions on how to fix the usual problems with compilations, including the one Ricardo mentioned.

And the error you get inside visual studio is normal. You can "Build" the code there without any problem but you can't "Run" or "Debug". On those 2 operations it will say "output type of class library cannot be started", because its a "library", it cannot be executed directly.

Thanks a lot