about agile platform java stack

hello and a pleasant day or night to you all of you. We are currently evaluating and studying outsystem now first I would like to apologise if these are such a noob questions

1. where and how do you deploy the agile platform JEE stack? I see in your community download page only the net framework stack

2. For about 3 days we were using the trial version then yesterday and was able to build a simple application following the tutorial videos I was also able to to check out the service center tab and see factory , integration , etc  but now when i click on the service center tab/link to start it just keeps loading. Is there a log where I can check what is the problem or you might have an idea about this?
Hi jet,

For java there isn't a community installer, but you can use the normal installers and then add a community license. (not as automatic as the .net community installers)
Here is a checklist with the instructions for java: http://www.outsystems.com/goto/checklist-8-JEE
Make sure you pick the correct Operating System and Application Server, since the instructions change depending on it.

Then after installing, you need to get a license. You can request one at: http://www.outsystems.com/community/license/

As for your problems accessing your server, you still having problems? Can you still login/publish eSpaces?
You could try accessing it in a browser at http://yourservername/ServiceCenter/

João Rosado