how to integrate with Websphere MQ

how to integrate with Websphere MQ

Hello All,

what option(s) does the latest version of the plaform have to integrate with Websphere MQ ?
I searched but could not find any articles mentioning WMQ. Can you help please?

Last time I checked (which admittedly is some time ago) this was fairly easy to do in the Integration Studio.

If you prefer .Net:
If you install the Websphere MQ Client it will automatically also deploy the 2 API's that allow you to communicate with a Websphere MQ QueueManager. Specifically the older amqmdnet.dll style API which is extremely straightforward but uses blocking calls or the newer XMS.NET API which is similar to JMS and has Async message get and put features.

The samples in the IBM MQ Client directory are a good place to start if you want to see how to work with MQ in .Net.

If you prefer to write integrations in Java:
MQ also has API's for Java, my knowledge on these however is limited. I see no reason however why you couldn't do the exact same thing in Java.