Invalid Data Type 'Date' data type required instead of 'Text'.

I have an entity with a column data type: Date

I also have an edit record list, in it, it has a input field with data type text, I also have a calendar widget that binds with that input field.

I have a save button with an "assign" and following parameter, varible 1 =, value 1 = tbDate.Id

I was wondering if anyone know with the error "Invalid Data Type 'Date' data type required instead of 'Text'."

So lets go this by parts.

- The "type" in inputs is not a datatype. It's just a html5 hint for the browsers to know what the input is meant for.

- tbDate.Id gives the "Id" of the input. It's only usefull if you are programing javascript, or to pass as inputs of generic widgets that need it (like the calendar widget). It's a Text identifider of the html widget, thats why you get the error.

- Inputs have a mandatory property "Variable". The variable that you set there will automatically be filled with the date typed in the input when someone clicks the Save button. So if it is set to , then you don't need the assign at all.

João Rosado