Hi there, 

I'm having problems using @font-face fonts in an Outsystems espace. I have the css stylesheet with the correct @font-face notation and uploaded the font files as resources of this espace. When associating a css class that's using this font to an Oustystems element nothing happens and the next font of the font-family is assumed. Has anyone tried this or has any idea how it can be done? 

Tiago -

We've been using it for well over a year with no issue. I suggest that you use your brower's developer tools (or Fiddler) to see if 1) is it trying to download the font file and 2) if it is, is the download successful? We discovered a number of problems the fonts that we were loading and had stored as resources like this.

Something we discovered is that IIS does not properly serve .woff files because of a missing MIME type (not an OutSystems specific issue), which was causing Chrome to not be able to use .woff files right and fallback to the next item.

Thanks for the reply. Meanwhile I solved it, the font files weren't properly deployed on the server.