Release Candidate becoming final release?

Release Candidate becoming final release?

Hi -

Question about the process around release candidates...

I see that the latest version of 8 has just been put up as a "release candidate". If we download and install this now, will there be any difference between the "release candidate" and the "final version"?

My understanding is that after a week, if no issues are found, the existing "Release Candidate" becomes the "final version" with no change. Is this correct? If so, we can use the "release candidate" and just be careful to ensure that it becomes the "final version" at the end of the week?

I ask, because this new "release candidate" contains a number of critical bug fixes for us, and I would really hate to upgrade to this week and then upgrade to the next version a week later to get the fixes.


Hi Justin,

Yes, the binary version which is provided for general availability after one week is the exact same as the one which is provided as a release candidate.

If there is any problem with the version which warrants pulling it back, that specific version will not be moved to "final version".

You can go ahead and install the current version on your non-production servers, and if it becomes final you can push it to production.

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Ricardo Silva
Ricardo -

Perfect, thanks! That was what I thought, just wanted to be 100% sure. :D