Interact between modules

Interact between modules

Hi all,

I'm trying to set up a second module for invoicing.
However to set up the fees correctly I need to identify for each fee the insurance company, because each insurance company has got different fees.
De insurance company is however in another module, together with the client who is also related to the  insurance company.

How can I get the information of the insurance company into the invoicing module.

Arnold Grippeling
Hi Arnold,

I assume both modules are built in OutSystems. Like in other programming languages, you have the option to make certain objects "public" so that they can be referenced and used by other modules.

In Service Studio, you can mark an object as public by using the (surprise!Public property - which is available for entities and actions, among other elements.

Once the producer is published (with its public objects, e.g. InsuranceCompany entity and GetInsuranceFees action), consumers are able to reference the public objects. For managing references (in the consumer), click the Add/Remove References button in Service Studio (the one that suspiciously looks like a Share icon in Android :) ).

Service Studio online help have a few topics on this - you can start here: