[Forge] Top 25 Downloads for July, 2013

[Forge] Top 25 Downloads for July, 2013

Hi all!

Just wanted to share a quick overview on the most downloaded components this past month.
If you are a component author and you'd like more detailed data just let me know.
Enjoy! :)



A tool to measure, understand,
and control your dependencies and references.



OutDoc is a free and open application that provides you design documentation for your eSpaces and Solutions.



Improve the usability of standard web applications when accessed in tablets and smartphones by using some responsive web design techniques. Check the demo at http://bit.ly/outsystemsresponsive.


Business Activity Monitoring

Business Activity Monitoring includes a number of process and human activity reports such as group and user load, process instance and activity inspection, SLA status, and load trends.


XML Records

An extension that allows you to convert an hierarchical structure, composed of Records and/or RecordLists to XML. It also allows to read an XML into the structure


Html to PDF/Image Converter

Simple to use html to pdf/image converter, it uses the webkit rendering engine, and qt.


jQuery Goodies

This component main intent is to provide a list of useful javascript gadgets built entirely with jQuery.



This extension is a generic record list sorter. It sorts any record list in ascending or descending order by any of its attributes (string, integer, decimal, etc). It can also return a distict list by comparing any of its attributes.


Google Calendar Integration

Google Calendar Integration is a component that assembles the data necessary to make the required RESTful service calls into the Google Calendar API. The espace shows examples of all features.


Advanced Excel

Advanced Excel interation with the export / import of excel files. Enables data formating, even a automatic creation excel charts.

This enables writing of binary multi-sheet excel-files without the use of an office installation.


Extension FileSystem

Perform operations related to the file system, such as path string manipulation, creation and deletion of directories, reading and writing text/binary files, etc..


Validation Tools

Provides widgets and actions to validate commonly used numbers.
Includes portuguese and brazilian specific validations.


Agile Project Management

A complete project management solution for agile projects.


Google Maps

The Google Maps component allows you to easily display a location on your OutSystems web pages using Google Maps technology. Now using API V3!


Multiple File Upload

Allow you to upload multiple files in one upload form or using drag and drop functionality.


Enterprise Manager

With the release of OutSystems Agile Platform 7.0, Enterprise Manager is discontinued and the support for it is no longer provided in this and future versions.


jQuery Drag Drop Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart Implementation using jQuery Drag & Drop.

*Pricing functionaliy  is not yet implemented in this version.


Mobile UI Patterns

The Mobile UI Patterns component gives you a set of mobile bocks and styles that help you deliver great mobile enterprise applications, easier and faster than ever.



Generic extension for serializing and deserializing Outsystems values into and out of JSON



Wrap of this jQuery script.


Column Filter

Enables filtering a TableRecords on the table headers.
Includes Test Page for reference.


Service Center Factory Configuration

The Service Center Factory Configuration application allows you to change the configuration of the components of your Service Center Factory.


High Chart jQuery charting component

Using High Chart's jQuery component. High Chart is the HTML5 implementation for Fusion Charts. Flash-free so iPad and iPhone ready !!


Table Record Controller

It is a widget that allows the end user hides table record columns, change his display order or even save the entire view to be presented in the next session.


Google Charts

Component that allows us to integrate with all the charts present on Google Charts library.
This component is related with Jorge Santos's component


Now with links to the components. Click away!