Dual axis highcharts

Dual axis highcharts

Hi all,
           I am trying to create a chart of this(http://www.highcharts.com/demo/combo-dual-axes/gray) format. I am planning to create a web-block that will take all the option value as input parameters and create the javascript in an expression ? Is there a better way of doing it ? Do I have to generate all the javascript with options or is there some other way of doing it ? How can this be acheived efficiently?

Hello Khushwant,

take a look at this post: http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/10290/Highcharts+widgets+in+OutSystems+Platform+8.0/

it has examples and a nice explanation on how to achieve what you need.


As Pedro mentioned, my post on the charts component is a good source of information for what you are trying to achieve. The HRPulse example has several examples of how to use different advanced formats.

However, because in this case the yAxis needs to be encoded differently, follows attached an example of the chart you mentioned.
Since we merge JSON objects, and in this case the yAxis is an array instead of a JSON object, yAxis needs to be defined on the topmost formatting attribute (HighchartsJSON).

Best regards,
- Diogo
Thanks Diogo,Sorry for the late reply. It was long weekend here. This seems like exactly what I was looking for. Highly appreciated.