Iterate through a Text Record List

Iterate through a Text Record List

I have asked a question a while ago on getting the list of selected records to delete, and here's how I did it. My objective is to send the selected records to an archive so that I can remove them from the list. So far, I've got the list and performed String_Split.

Now I would like to ask for help as to how will I iterate the "Text Record List" for me to be able to one-by-one delete these records using their IDs. The picture below is what I've done so far.

Thanks in advance!
Hy Ju-chan,

You can iterate the Text Record List trough a foreach on the String_Split result.
Then you just need to convert the text to EntityRefInteger using IntegerToEntityRefInteger(TextToInteger(String_Split.List.Current.Text.Value))

But i believe that you can optimize that code like this:

I hope that it will help you.
If you have any more questions please be free to make them.

Best Regards,

Vasco Santos