Version 8.0 and Webservice SOAP 1.2

Version 8.0 and Webservice SOAP 1.2

Hi, can I use a SOAP 1.2 webservice in Outsystems version 8.0 ?
Hi Joaquim,

Technically, only SOAP 1.1 is currently supported. But, it's possible in most cases depening on the platform stack and the webservice requirements.

So to be able to give you a better answer, can you give some more datails?
What platform stack you are using? (.Net or Java)
If the previous answer was Java, what application server Jboss or WebLogic?
Does the webservice have any WS-* policies in the wsdl? (like WS-Adressing, WS-Security, ...)

João Rosado
Hi João, the platform stack is .NET and the webservice don´t have any WS-* policies.

The wsdl was successful imported in Service Studio, the certificate is well configured in the Service Center, but when call a method I have this error "Version Mismatch".
Well that case should work.

Googling a bit found a similar case caused by setting the incorrect webservice url at runtime.
Are you changing the url at runtime?
If not, can you check that the url that appears in "Service Center -> Espaces -> your espace -> Web Services " is from the endpoint, and not to the wsdl?

Edit: ill try to do a little test anyway, just to make sure I'm not missleading there :)
Just did a test and it's in fact not working correctly.

Since I see you have a open support case about this, I'll give my feedback to the support team and let them followup.

João Rosado
Hello Joaquim,

Like I said on the support case, and João tested, only SOAP 1.1 is supported and the usual way to consume these web services is to ask for a 1.1 binding when it's possible.

If that is not possible, you'll need to consume the web service using Integration Studio.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva
Thanks for the help and fast reply.