Tab delimited txt spreadsheet to Recordlist?

Hi all,

Recently my provider of real estate listings started sending syndicated feeds with a txt file that mimics xml. I've tried using a few things like restfulweb service to no avail. An example of the data can be seen at:
Format:HTML Format Version:1.0 StartHTML: 165 EndHTML: 504 StartFragment: 314 EndFragment: 472 StartSelection: 314 EndSelection: 314"
If any of you can respond and let me know the most efficient way to get this into a record list I'd be grateful. Thanks.


Hi Julius,

You can obtain the content of the file with the "httpGet" method in the richmail extension, but then you'll need to parse it into the recordlist and that is gonna be a pain to do.

And if any day your provider changes anything your process will be ruined... can't they just send you this in an excel file? (I'm assuming that asking for something more technical, like a webservice, is out of the question)

Hermínio Mira
Hi Julius
I did not examine the file but there is a csv component in forge that might be usefull to you
This component mimics the excel functionalities but with csv files
Take a look here
Let us know if this helps
Hello All,

I have no issue running the "get" action. I just need to know which extension is best suited to get the txt to recordlist. The csv isnt working because its geared to export recordlist to csv, not the other way around.

Thanks for your responses.

Julius -

It will probably be faster to write a parser than to look for one.

Just do String_Split on the file to get the lines, loop over the results...

... then, in the loop, strip off the <data> tags, set a counter = 0, and use String_Split (let's callt his "String_SplitTabs") again to get the fields...

... then use String_SplitTabs[0], String_SplitTabs[1], etc. to access the fields to populate an entity and save it to the DB, or populate a structure to pass around, whatever you need.

I'm with Justin, what he wrote was actually what I meant with "but then you'll need to parse it into the recordlist and that is gonna be a pain to do" but much better. :)

Good luck with it, but you'll see that in a little time the provider will change something and then back you go into changing your parser.

Hermínio Mira