Upgrade from 6 to 8

Is it possible to upgrade from version 6 directly to version 8 for the OutSystems Platform? Or should we first upgrade to version 7 and then to version 8?
We have 3 environments running (Dev, QA, Production) if that is of any concern.
Hello Rodi,

You can do the upgrade directly, following the checklist that comes with the instalation file, choosing new version instead off new release.
Good luck and pay attention to the breaking changes and all the steps needed.
Tip - You just do a backup of your database, just in case.

Kind Regards,
Thank you Gonçalo. We will try this.
And we will make backups of course.
Hi Rodi,

You should also review the documents that list the breaking changes:
An other question, related to the upgrade: are the Agile Platform 6 license(s) (binary) compatible with the Agile Platform 8 or should we acquire new one(s)?