Search Information in Active Directory


I'm taking my first steps in programming with the OutSystems platform and, of course, I'm loving it!

My question is , how can I search and retrieve info from my active directory.
My application as the objective  to manage the stock of all our computers and assign them to the users. So, to avoid errors I want to check if the username that's is introduced really existes in the Active Directory, but doing it with a combo box that is populated with the login name and the full name of the user.

I've tried with the LDAPSearch but it retrieves me the full path name and I don't now how to retrieve only the CN and the samAccountName.

Any ideas for this?

Thank You very much.
Hello Joel,

You can use the LDAP_PropertyGetList action from the Authentication extension to get a list of properties of a given LDAP path. You then search for the interesting properties in that list.

This should get you going :)

Ricardo Silva
Hello Ricardo,

Thank you, it's working perfectly!

Sorry for the late reply, i was away for a couple of days.

Best Regards,
Joel Palheira