Split a string

Hi people!

Say me, how I do a split in a string using OutSystems?
Ex.: "123456 blablablablabla"
I want each part of the string (separated by spaces) in a variable.

I saw how to do with Text Extension.

Just for reference, let me explain how to accomplish this.

The Text extension is already installed on your OutSystems Platform Server, so you just have to reference it and use the available actions:
  1. On your applications click the references button;
  2. On the left, change the filter to 'Show All';
  3. Find the Text extension
  4. On the right hand side choose the String_Split action;
  5. Once you press Ok, you can use that action just like if it was defined in your application.
Since this is action is also a function, you can use it inside the expression editor.