Decimal value disregarding non-significant zero

Decimal value disregarding non-significant zero

Hi All, 
           I was going through ( It seems that it still disregard the non-significant zero. How to get around this issue ? Do I need to change the data-type to text and then format it ? How are you guys changing it to show decimal value to 2 decimal point when second decimal point is 0 ? How about binding it to variables ? 

For this use-case you prolly have to have a text input and variable and use FormatDecimal to make sure you're showing the amount of decimal places you require.

Not sure I understand what exactly you want to know with your other questions. Can you clarify a bit ?
Hi Ricardo,
                 I am getting a 3 values from db (all decimal type)for example:
1- unit cost
2- quantity 
3- value

If the values don't exist then use type quantity and unit cost and we calculate value and show it in the value input box using jscript. Value is bind to edit record. If the value has  a non-significant zero like 33.20, it shows it like 33.2. Format decimal output type is text , So I was asking if I need to change the db type to text ?  Thanks.