Question about auto-complete

Hi All,
         I have this strange scenario. If a user don't double click on the auto-complete field and rather delete the complete field using mouse and try to save the edit record, they are either getting a validation message even though that field is not mandatory or it is keeping the previous value in the field. I tried to check it and it seems that Input_AutoComplete_GetIdentifier returns -1 if the value in the input field is not one from the list of possible fields and it is showing that validation message. 

Only workaround that I can think of is to check for the typed value is the input widget and if it is blank then set the edit record attribute value to null and save the record. The issue with this approach is that I have to do it for each auto-complete field which will just make it highly un-maintainable as I have hundreds of auto-complete fields in the application. 

Can I do something to change the behavior of auto-complete to set the identifier to null if the input field that it is bound to is empty ? 

Any suggestions about this ? 

Hi Khushwants, you can follow that post:

We got the same problem.
Hi Joao, I looked at that post but couldn't figure out a solution from it so I decided to start a new thread. How did you fix the problem ? 

At the moment i haven't found a solution yet, still waiting :(
For now , I am adding a if before all getidentifier actions to check if the related input field is empty, If yes then set the value of the edit record to null, else go do regular stuff. It is OK for screens with 4-5 autocomplete fields but I have a screeen with more than 20 auto-complete fields and the flow looks really scary for that one on save action. 

IMO , This is a must have feature of auto-complete field.